Top 5 ::: 九 Jiu

Top 5 is a new section we’ve added to TSOFD (The Sound of Fighting Dogs). We’ve gone that little bit further just to see what makes you tick. Here you’ll find the Top 5 musical influences on artists whose music we’ve already reviewed. We’ll be getting our noses down in the dirt to see what really inspires them; old and new since time began. To get things started here’s the Top 5 from up and coming UK producer Lee Davies aka: 九 Jiu


God is an astronaut – Age of the Fifth Sun. This album is the definition of modern music in my opinion. I feel that GIAA take post-rock to the next level and bring something totally unique with every record. This whole record is full of intensity and emotion which is layered so thick and so sonically pleasing that you could leave the same song on for hours and like it every time.

Thrice – Vheissu. Thrice were once described as hardcore post-punk and played very fast upbeat music, so it was a shock when they released Vheissu, lost many loyal fans, but ultimately flipped punk music on its head. The instrumentation and arrangement of this whole record is just plain bizarre and uncharacteristic, but it works. Sadly, they could never follow it up.

The American Dollar – A Memory Stream. Just pure epic-ness. There is no other band that could sound as huge without the help of a full orchestra. The best thing about this band is that they release every album multiple times with different versions of their songs such as ambient, instrumental or just electronic remixes. They literally have hundreds of amazing songs and this album is basically like a huge story.

Foals – What Went Down. Do foals need an introduction? One of the best bands of modern times and this album is just banger after banger! I’m still waiting for a band record from this band, but it never comes. They stand true to their sound and always add something new and exciting.

Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways. This album was made whilst filming a documentary about the American music industry. In every city, they recorded a song to dedicate to the music that came from that city and what came out was a masterpiece – well, 2 masterpieces! There is also a back-story about how a lot of music studios are struggling financially and how technology is pushing studios to extinction.

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