Introducing ‘Miserable Faith’ ::: 介绍北京痛苦的信仰乐队

Miserable Faith are a 4-piece rock band from Beijing, China who’ve been carrying the flag in Chinese rock music since formation in 1999. Their current sound spans ballad folk, pop and indie rock with subtle touches of traditional Chinese music, and run along a similar vein to bands like GALA, (Omnipotent Youth) 万能青年旅店, and (Fragments of Sound) 声音碎片 and they have become a staple in many music festivals around China over the past 15 years. They are currently on tour in Europe and the UK. Miserable Faith have steered their course through various genres over the years including Rap, Metal, Pop and Hardcore Rock before arriving at their current highly melodic and tuneful place, rewarding them with legions of followers across China gleefully singing along with their anthems.

miserable-faith 2

In 2001 they released their debut album, ‘This’s a problem'(这是个问题), and went on to independently release the ‘No’ (不) EP in 2006.  They have always remained a highly experimental band rather than genre specific (not a particularly admirable trait in my book, especially for an album) an example of which can be heard in the more reggae/world music efforts of the past few years on the album, ‘May Love Be Without Worries’ (愿爱无忧/2014) particularly since signing a contract with one of China’s biggest labels Modern Sky Records. However, nothing has remained as well-loved than the pop melodies and sensibilities from ‘The Music Won’t Be Stopped’ (不要停止我的音乐/2008).

For me, the first track here Highway Song‘ (公路之歌) is as good as it gets – a great live, catchy anthem with strong guitar riffs and a playful repetitive chorus to catch and reel in the populous! Singer Gao Hu’s (高虎) lyrics seem to play on certain elements of Chinese society in his opening words (Where are the dreams?/’meng xiang zai shenme difang?’) ‘梦想在什么地方?‘ If you are used living in China at all, you’ll regularly see street signs and slogans that read, ‘zhong guo de meng xiang / shi wo de meng xiang’ roughly translated into ‘China’s dream is my dream’, for me this sentiment although brief, reads heavy. In my experiences meeting locals who feel that those in circles of influence and power seem to have very different agendas from that of the ordinary middle-class. It is sung with an emotional and heavy heart, yet never settle long enough for a grey cloud to form.

Listen to more from Miserable Faith –

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