Concrete & Grass Sideshow @ Mao Livehouse, Hangzhou, August 12th 2017 ::: Foster Parents, Lao Ayi, Mirrors, and Qie

Scrolling through Facebook waiting for the VPN to inevitably fail…WHAAAT?!!!! Split Works promoting a gig in Hangzhou?!!!


Such a lovely poster couldn’t go to waste. Hurriedly we sent feelers out looking for someone to bear witness. Give us some notice next time Split Works and we’ll do a more in depth write up and use a decent camera. SHEESH. Bitchiness in jest. Thanks so much Split Works for putting on a Hangzhou gig with the awesome Mao Livehouse. And thanks to the bands for coming to the ‘zhou and rocking our world.

Foster Parents seem to be an act on the rise. They released their debut album ‘Grim’ back in April and you can check it out on their Bandcamp page. Described by some as ‘math-rock’, the duo are reportedly uneasy with this description and prefer ‘melodic indie rock’. Whatever you want to call it, the audience lap it up. As you can see from this picture sneakily cadged from their Facebook page (thanks Internet).

Foster Parents

Our limited Mandarin tells us Qie means ‘cut’ in English. They are a Hangzhou-based band whilst all the other acts are visitors from Shanghai tonight. A little bit of shyness aside they come across well, a three-piece to look out for. Checking them out will have to be catching them in a live setting for now as we can’t find any of their music on either of the internets.

mdeIt’s the same story regarding Lao Ayi, another three-piece, in the sense there’s little online we can link you up with. Please hook us up if anyone reading this knows where we can find them. It’s a shame as we’d like to hear more from both these groups, and also be able to direct you towards their music or gig listings.

What we do know is Lao Ayi emerged last year. The individual members are old hands when it comes to the Shanghai underground rock scene, with some even going so far as to describe them as a supergroup. Hyperbole aside, they come across as perhaps a little more at ease in their surroundings than Qie and even though a technical issue holds things up for a few minutes the group had no problem conversing with the punters and keeping people entertained.


Headlining tonight’s show are Mirrors. Yet another three-piece. And they play psychedelic music. This is pleasing. Also pleasing in a gig scenario, more slow-paced dirges aside, is this isn’t zone out crossed legged on the floor psychedelia as it’s often fast paced enough to have your head bopping. Yes. There’s a definite groove to it all. Not a million miles away from Gong this lot. Check out their Xiami here and their Douban here. And you can even find them on Soundcloud here. Wonders never cease.

mdeThanks again to Split Works and Mao Livehouse for putting on this rad gig.

Follow Split Works here and here.

Follow Mao Livehouse Hangzhou on Facebook here and errr here.



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