The Friday Session @ Basement ::: 22nd September, 2017.

After being mightily impressed with Loopy over the past year (as detailed here), we thought it important to see what’s happening at other nightspots in Hangzhou. Hearing that the man behind the band Junks, David Kay, in his DJ guise Ectoplazm, would be spinning some tunes at a night called The Friday Session, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to check out a bar we hadn’t visited before.


You’ll find Basement at 23 Jiaogong Lu but once you step inside it feels like you could be in Manchester, what with the warehouse feel to the place and the pop art hanging on the walls. A scan of the drinks menu proved something of a relief wallet wise. OK, you’ll still dent your bank balance if you’re in full binge mode but they did seem a little cheaper than other places we’ve visited in the city.


We found a nice place to perch a little bit out of the way and supped our crisp German lagers. Comfy sofas. So-fa, so good. Sorry. Before long Ectoplazm took to the decks and the chilled atmosphere gradually became something more approaching raucous.


Weaving together dance floor classics with his own more eclectic tastes, we think Ectoplazm struck just the right balance. The distinctive background visuals and laser beam shoulder pads sure made people sit up and take notice as well.


Before too long the dance floor was full of revelers and we’d moved on to whisky. I think, judging by the amount of hangover I needed to sleep off the next day, we have to give this night and venue the thumbs up. We stayed much longer than we were planning to and that’s normally a sign there’s some serious fun been had. We weren’t the only ones. Here’s some, admittedly rather blurry, photographic evidence.


Till next time…

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