Shatner ::: Heterosapien

This lunar year we have decided to start pointing you towards more songs and videos that we’re digging. If there’s an earworm you just can’t get rid of or you’ve seen a music video that’s blown you away then let us know via our Twitter.

This ditty from Shatner is the perfect start. Based in Yorkshire in the UK, they are revered in their locality for their formidable strengths as a live working band, the perfect vehicle for the skilled and finely tuned songsmithery of the group’s driving force Jim Bower, a man long celebrated and highly regarded within a vibrant Leeds music scene now known the world over for its seemingly neverending list of quality acts.

‘Heterosapien’ is a neat encapsulation of what this group does so well, the knitting together of strong arrangements and musicianship which Bower’s catchy hooks and melodies then so smoothly ride on top of.

The baggy era overtones are the icing on the cake.


We very much look forward to hearing the forthcoming album ‘Enlightenmental’ which you can find the pledge campaign for right here.


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