Tayta ::: Express EP

It’s Monday. Sucks eh?

Not anymore. Put a swing in your step with this new release from Tayta.

Express EP

Though increasingly booked further afield, Tayta is a Columbian DJ based in Shenzhen who has rapidly become popular in his more usual stomping ground of China.

Able to effectively turn his hand to a wide range of material depending on the club night, Tayta’s enthusiasm is infectious and he can often be seen dancing around his own decks or the decks of other DJs.

We at TSOFDs are pleased to report this aforementioned infectious enthusiasm bleeds into this EP in a thoroughly addictive way and we’re feeling smug we’re the first blog (that we’re aware of) to tell you about this brand new release.

Home-produced, ‘Express EP’ doesn’t suffer in the slightest from Tayta’s DIY work ethic and if this type of slick production continues he might find himself a sought after producer for other acts before too long.


Do yourself a favor and go to Tayta’s Bandcamp page right now to make a purchase.


Express EP by Tayta is out now on Cutt Records.

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