Quarterly Release Roundup 3 ::: 2018

Can’t believe we’re reviewing the third quarter already. Time’s been running away from us again which is probably why this piece is arriving over a week later than I hoped it would. SORRY.

Oh FFS Ty Segall has been involved in yet another album (‘Joy’ with White Fence). And, guess what? Yeah. It’s really good. Not exactly immediately accessible good but all the better for it. It still has that Segall bite but his eccentricities are heightened and accentuated with the involvement of Tim Presley, to your veritable psychedelic bedazzlement. AWESOME.

Animal Collective’s ‘Tangerine Reef’ didn’t exactly result in an overwhelming amount of critical acclaim but it’s going in the quarterly review for ambition and cause alone. Anything that shines a light on the natural world we’re increasingly killing off is important in our book. Watch here:

Death Cab for Cutie kind of feel like older statesmen of rock/pop these days but I’ll stop short of calling them elder. They’re always reliable when it comes to churning out appealing ditties and if ‘reliable’ makes them sound boring that wasn’t our intention. This new record ‘Thank You for Today’ is well worth checking out.

I never got into Interpol when they first emerged. I’m not really sure why. I’ve heard the name enough over the years but they’re just one of those groups I never got round to listening to until recently. I listened to The Strokes a lot back then but for some reason ignored this band. The new record ‘Marauder’ shows that might have been a mistake. It’s interesting comparing it to the arguably more refined present day output of The National, a group who, if I’m not mistaken, were partly inspired by Interpol when they were first starting out. I love The National’s current sound but there’s also something equally appealing about the slightly more ramshackle way Interpol present their songs. It still sounds very turn of the century, when music, from New York to London, was often a little more rough around the edges than it is today. The feeling the wheels might come off at any second is actually what’s so exciting about rock’n’roll when you’re in the moment and perhaps we’ve lost that somewhat in this age of precise production when every instrument is so neatly placed within a mix. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to hear everything bleeding into everything else no?

I’m guessing there’ll be bewilderment if I don’t mention the new Idles record ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’. And rightly so. I’m a little late to the Idles party but not so late I don’t recognize this is probably one of the best bands of the now. It’s dark and it’s menacing but manages to do it with a knowing smirk.

Both Paul McCartney and Paul Simon have new music out but as much as I love both of these Pauls I’m not going to link you to them because I feel they’ve gotten enough press over the years. I’m sure you can Google them. For the same reason I’m not going to write about Eminem.

I will write about Beak> however. A band I’ve been meaning to devote more time to for quite a while now. This latest album seems the perfect moment to do just that. It’s a beauty.

Blood Orange’s ‘Negro Swan’. I’m not loving it quite as much as the previous release but it’s still not to be ignored. A brilliant artist and producer serving up another completely unique album.

One of the records I’ve most enjoyed from the last quarter is ‘Lamp Lit Prose’ from Dirty Projectors. Their music is always a somewhat jagged and chaotic listen for me and I don’t always completely warm to it but I’ve really dug this record. Give it the once over.

Of course, we’ve also covered Wang Wen, Junks and Menace Beach on the blog over the last quarter. DO check out those releases too as they’re firm faves.

Over and out.

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