Little Wizard ::: Block

So, there’s been a change of season and the days are getting cooler and blah blah blah blah blah. Well, I don’t know about you (I’m not the NSA) but when it gets to this time of year I start feeling a bit sluggish and like I want to hibernate. Then winter comes and I REALLY want to hibernate.

Little Wizard 3

Anyway, if you want to blow those autumn cobwebs away then Little Wizard could be just the tonic. Straight outta Shaoxing, a city known more for its wine than for its instrumental rock or post-rock scene, this is a three-piece that could hold their own in any rock and roll metropolis.

The chaos of the opening track, the rather inappropriately titled ‘The End’, on Little Wizard’s recently released ‘Block’ EP might seem to imply something ragged and grunge-like is about to follow. But what actually occurs, in the form of ‘Grey’, might more accurately be deemed math-rock, be it with a catchy bass hook that lends a certain poppy twist and underpins a big sounding guitar chord which pans left and right.

There’s an overall proficiency and slickness to these tracks but at the same time this doesn’t occur with the loss of an enticing live feel. This EP was recorded at Gebi Live House in Yiwu and perhaps that at least partly explains the raw, almost like you’re at a gig vibe.

This is a lean, mean fighting machine of an EP which will leave you wanting more. We dig it. If you’re China-based, go and catch Little Wizard live and you’ll be in for a treat.

Little Wizard2

Interested in knowing more?

Able to read or decipher Chinese?

Find up to date info about Little Wizard here.


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