Quaker Parents ::: Tact of Animals (10x)


We get sent a lot of messages. It’s not surprising. There’s a lot of musicians out there and, naturally, they want promo. There’s far too much coming in for us to be able to check every message thoroughly, let alone listen to all the music/watch all the videos people are sending us. If you’re not featured please don’t take it personally.

SO MANY great artists never get covered by us. It’s a bummer but it’s just too hard for most bloggers to be able to get through everything. And most bloggers will already have a notion of what they’re wanting to cover anyway because, like all avid music listeners, we too are on our own little audio journey.

Don’t be disheartened. Making music is an end in itself.

Everything else is a bonus.

Keep going!

We will dip into our Twitter or email inbox at random points in time just out of curiosity to see if anything immediately connects with us. This really did and so we’re veritably buzzing to premiere it.

Quaker Parents are a band based in Toronto. Beginning life in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this project, started by Mark Grundy, has been fortified by the rhythmic contributions of Mark’s brother J. Scott Grundy, as well as often featuring one or two pals in addition.

Immediately notable is this bunch are big on melody in an alt-folk kind of a way. But, more than this, you’ll be impressed by the lyrics which elegantly twist and wind their way around the arrangement.

Below you’ll be getting your first look at a video which utilizes film taken on Quaker Parents’ first national tour proper, which took place back in 2012. It’s simple and its quirky and it perfectly suits the track.

Mark describes this song as, ‘a kind of meditation on the shifting relationship between instinct and the many variables that plague and/or augment modern life – seeking simplicity in its complication while over complicating its simplicity.’ You won’t find us arguing. Check it out for yourselves.

Keep up with Quaker Parents on Twitter and this website.

You can also check out their Bandcamp here.

Photo by Alyson Hardwick.

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