Weyes Blood ::: Andromeda

Well, this is different.

With its dreamy production ‘Andromeda’ by Weyes Blood will have you longing to kick back on the couch and simply drift away.

Too bad you’ve got to go to work huh?

Here’s hoping the new album, which will be released in spring, features more in the same vein as this could quickly prove to be my go to album for some much needed relaxation time.

The warble and flutter of a heavily saturated synth line ushers in something almost cinematic in its feel and ambition.

The vocals smoothly and mournfully lead the way, framed by George Harrison like guitar licks.

This is the first time I’ve stumbled across Weyes Blood and, on this showing, it won’t be the last time I listen to her.

This is impressive work.

I’m off to investigate further.

Check out the aforementioned track below on Bandcamp.


Check out more from Sub Pop here.


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