Junks ::: Lobotomy


Delighted to receive in our inbox yet another sumptuous slice of synth driven retro-pop from Junks. Junks’ output has been consistent to say the least. Time and time again they manage to come up with these sparkling 80s leaning audio gems.

This time around, although the beats and electronica, unsurprisingly, take a central role, it’s the guitar power chords that add the extra texture pinning it all together. There’s been more six string creeping into Junks’ compositions of late and it’s a welcome development.

On the surface you have a simple but effective pop tune but dig a little deeper and you will appreciate the craft that has gone into it. Take how long the intro lasts for example. The perfect length to set the scene and add the requisite level of suspense. And consider the meter and delivery of the vocal line. It provides the crucial element which makes this song go from credible arrangement to bona fide earworm.

Throw in the tight harmonies and quirky backing vocals and you have the necessary fairy dust sprinkled atop to take the edge off what is actually quite a dark track, about retaining a sense of identity in an increasingly confused and unnerving world. Inspect for yourself in this here lyric video:


This song will be available for purchase via iTunes and Bandcamp on May 10th.


A remix by Steo Le Panda will also be available that day.

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