Jump For Neon ::: Broken Heart Attack

This is the premiere of the Jump For Neon MV ‘Broken Heart Attack’.

You can buy the single here.

The video was made by Hangzhou-based Irish artist John Carroll.

For those familiar with the city, it features instantly recognizable Hangzhou landmarks whilst also tapping into ancient Chinese folk art forms such as shadow play/puppetry and paper cutting.

This bold animation takes a simple pop song ruing the wasted potential of an individual and employs this as a jumping off point to explore broader and darker themes, in what could be interpreted as something of an appeal to our shared humanity.

There is of course a notable China slant, not least the juxtaposition between tradition and modernity. However, there is something for anyone here who can relate to the notion of battling inner demons whilst negotiating the general angst that comes with simply existing in the world, and all the external psychological pressures constantly raining down on us this necessarily entails.

Broken Heart Attack is taken from the Jump For Neon album ‘Vicious Tricycle’, out now on Medic Independent Records.

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